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February 2015 – Here we go!

Ok, so this is my first post, in fact this is my first attempt at a blog full stop so I apologize if I send you all to sleep!

Here we go….

After a nice break over christmas 3 of the Knights End Equestrian horses are back up and running, but Datum is currently on the sidelines after damaging his near hind hoof. He’s had a cast on for the last month but should be back in action shortly, no doubt full of energy and 3 year old mischief! The rest are all going well but are looking forward to a change in weather and the lighter nights (as are we). Dino has changed shape dramatically over winter thanks to an increase in advanced work, his piaffe and pirouette work is really coming on, this has resulted in him needing to go up two head plate sizes in his Wow Saddle. Luckily the lovely Lorna Triggs of LT Equine has it all in hand so we can now really push on with the fun stuff :)

Michael Little has just built the liveries a brand new tack room, with all the bells and whistles, and I’m so grateful for his hard work. This does mean though that we have increased the list of new projects for 2015 lol, poor old dad!

It’s been a very quiet winter on the competition front so I’m looking forward to kicking back into action this spring. Until then I am enjoying seeing all my friends competing at the Winter Regional Championships, several have already had fab results gaining them a ticket to the National Winter Championships held in April.

Lastly, I have just sent my trainee judge application off to BD! I must be mad but I am really looking forward to increasing my knowledge base and progressing as a rider, trainer and judge. Over and out, Evelyn :)