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April 2015 – Getting decidedly less rusty!

OK, we are now back up and running and the with the nights getting lighter it’s finally starting to feel like summer!

Through March and April I got back into the swing of competing with Dino (Bindro T). I really had no concept of how rusty one can become if not regularly riding tests, my last ones being over 7 months ago, but it became all too apparent! Dino of course is the ultimate professional, after all he didn’t have such a long break from the boards, having competed with Bert internationally last year (at WEG of all places). Although I felt rusty we still managed four wins and one second place and secured our summer regional qualification in two outings, not bad going. The highlight for me was getting to wear my new competition gear, I adore my new jacket from flying changes and my casco hat from the ladies at Classic Dressage. I now need to sort out a music for Dino and Glam, so thats my next step as far as competing it concerned.

Back at home Glam and Dino have also been busy with lessons and arena hire. We started having lessons with Nikki Crisp after a recommendation from a friend. She has now met two of my loons and so far they have behaved impeccably, even Glam who can be a little testing. We have our homework to do but the exercises we have been doing with Nikki have really been helping all my rides, so thank you Nikki! She has a wonderful way of using poles and exercises that are more “thinking outside the box” which is great as I’m more conservative in the way I do things. She is very positive about Dino’s future at small tour so she’s given me a huge confidence boost :) Here is a video of Dino progressing at home

After Datums little hoof injury, in which he had a cast on for a while, we were given the all clear to bring him back into work and crack on. He’s now working beautifully and I love him more each day……every girl needs her own barbie horse! Heres a little video

I have also kicked my judge training into gear with a fab training session with Harry Payne. It was a valuable learning experience and I am really looking forward to my next one. Evelyn :)