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June 2015 – What goes up…..

So here I am cheating by writing this post in July, and I’m ashamed as I am looking at my calendar to jog my ageing memory!

May/June went by in a bit of a blur. I did my first unaffiliated judging in May for my local riding club and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I ended the day with a lot of respect for the riders who braved some of the worst weather we have had this year, some of the affiliated lot could learn a thing or two!

June was to be a quiet month on the competing front as Dino had already secured his regional qualification, so I decided to focus on my training at home. It doesn’t do to get too many points with the current BD system, this will perhaps change with the introduction to the new system for UK Dressage in December, we will see. My plans for June were somewhat changed when I was ejected by Datum during a saddle fitting. I was sent flying to the look of horror on Lorna (LT Equine), Georgia and my mums face. Although I thought I was perfectly ok after finishing Datum I found it very hard to hold the reins with my right hand. Luckily I only had Dino left to check and he is so well behaved I can ride him one handed!

After struggling for a few days I went to get it x-rayed and low and behold I had fractured my 5th metacarpal. Ironically Georgia and I had a first aid refresher course at the end of that week!

Whilst the horses had a slightly easier month than I had planned we humans went along to Woodlander Stud to decide on a potential baby daddy for Boo. Sadly Boo has had her ridden career cut short through injury but she has the most amazing breeding so it has started a fantastic new journey for Knights End. The day was quite brilliant and Lynne Crowden was as informative as ever. After watching all the boys strutt their stuff and cooing at the foals we decided on Larkshill Debonair. He’s the most beautiful black stallion, a totally modern elegant type with correct paces and a fabulous attitude to work. We liked him so much that we have now decided to put both Boo and Glamour to him, so two bundles of joy at once if all goes to plan.

They very end of the month saw Dino and I head to Nikki Crisp’s for an intensive two days training. As ever it was totally fantastic with good company, good food, and good riding! We came away with lots of ideas and exercises to challenge the pair of us. Nikki never disappoints! The hand was a bit sore by the end but it was well worth it and I’m looking forward to our pre regionals tune up :)