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A New Beginning – Not a Good One :(

Everyone at Knights End had a fantastic Christmas and New Year, and we hope you all did too?

Unfortunately the festive cheer didn’t last and we had to make the hard decision to put Boo, our lovely six year old mare, out of her suffering. I had purchased Boo as a two year old and she was just super. Sadly at three we discovered she had an underlying condition that we did our best to manage, as it was a permanent condition. In the following three years I did manage to keep her sound for long periods, even managing to back her and enjoy some low level ridden work for a while, before she told me she couldn’t cope. The last time I mentioned her we had put her in foal to Debonair but sadly she didn’t take. I’m a huge believer that things happen, or don’t, for a reason and in this case she would not have made it until full term. The decision was very hard (the first we have lost) but we had to put her first :’(

Understandably I didn’t feel much like competing for a while and so it took me until the middle of Feb before I went back out with Dino. As our bad luck would have it I was very ill, so my stay away show at Keysoe was not the lead up to the Regionals I was hoping for….throwing up in ones lorry is not a fun experience! We still came away with a win and a second but I felt very under prepared for the Regionals a week later.

Well I shouldn’t of worried as my bad luck continued and the whole Little family came down with terrible flu, so I gave in and withdrew from the Winter Regionals, not that Dino minded I’m sure.



Knowing I had one class to contest at the Winter Champs was keeping me sane, in what seemed like the start of a terrible year. An email from British Dressage made it all seem worth it when they informed me that Dino had in fact qualified for the Medium Open AF at the Winter Champs as well, so we had two classes to compete in…whoop, whoop!

We are not far off the Winter Champs now so I’m sure my next blog will be all about our fun there. Our changes are still hit and miss so it could be exciting, we don’t expect to win in such a class field, but we will have lots of fun regardless :)

2015 – A Good End !

October brings about one of my favourite shows of the year, Sheepgate’s Area Festival! If you have never been to Sheepgate then you really are missing out, it’s a venue that certainly goes above and beyond for its competitors. They always run such fantastic shows and the atmosphere is second to none, not even the Nationals (IMHO).

Dino and I were only looking to contest the Medium Open AF class so had plenty of options on what we spent the rest of the three days doing! In the end I decided to conserve his energy and do four classes over the show, rather than the six I’ve done in the past, with the aim of securing our music regional qualification (with our new music) and finishing our Advanced Medium AF qualification, so we could contest that class at Houghton Hall in November.

Day one went very well, we remembered our music floorplan and Dino performed his socks off for a win on 75.33%. We had some super remarks from the judges and spectators so I went to bed a happy bunny. The following morning we contested the large Medium Open AF class. He put in a good performance to finish in second place, just missing out on a direct qualification to the Final at the Winter Champs.  We then did our Medium Music again that evening, to lots of spectators enjoying their free hog roast (love Sheepgate!). Another win on a plus 70% score so a good run through for Regionals. On the last day we entered an Advanced Medium in the hope we would finish our qualification, which we did with another win. It was a wonderful show with good weather and the usual good company :)



Houghton is my local venue and it’s turning into a really fantastic place. The staff run an efficient event and although it lacks some of Sheepgate’s special touches its a venue that’s most definitely on its way up.

As it’s only up the road we decided to do the Advanced Medium AF class and the Medium Open again the next day, having come so close at Sheepgate it was worth one more shot! I was expecting very little in the Advanced Medium as Dino has only just established his changes at home and they can bit a bit hit and miss! So it was a real shock when he went on to win the class, securing his place at the Finals. I couldn’t have been more proud of him, he’s such a star. We lacked a bit of energy the night after to finish 5th, but I was still on cloud nine! A chance to meet up with some fab friends at the local pub the night before made this show super special and a lovely way to end 2015.


The horses had a lovely quiet end to the year training and trying to stop from blowing away! I’ve never known so many storms!