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KEF News 2018 (and some of 2017!!)

Well its a good job I didn’t promise not to forget to update the news for over a year, as once again here I am…..sorry!!

I find myself wondering just what happened in the time since I last posted, so bare with me, I’m sure it will all come back….

What I do remember of the remainder of 2017 is that Dino and I achieved our PSG status, something that has always been a goal of mine, and to do it on a horse I have trained myself from scratch is hugely satisfying. Of course Dino doesn’t really understand what all the hype is about, but to put my tailcoat on for the first time was a feeling I will never forget.

We also started training with Kim Ratcliffe during 2017, and she has been extremely important to our progression this last year. Not only has Dino changed shaped dramatically (his butt is now huge lol) thanks to her muscle building exercises, Kim also challenges us to get out there and give things a go. We hold regular monthly clinics with her at KEF now, and I learn something new every time. Do get in touch if you’re interested in attending one.

With this new mindset of trying new things and mixing it up a bit I have ticked a few more items off my bucket list! In September 2017 I finally got around to trying Horseback Archery, something I have always fancied. The wonderful folk at the Stampede Stunt Company (The Centre of Horseback Combat) showed me the ropes, and lent me a fantastic mount. I enjoyed myself so much that I (and Livery Terri) headed back this year (2018) for their two day Dzhigitovka course. This involved learning Lances, Pistols, Knives, and the Sword on horseback, trained by three medallists in the sport, and a real Russian Cossack!! We had an absolute blast :)

I also accepted a job offer, and headed back to work in an office during autumn 2017 (and I’m still there lol). This has led to a decrease in livery and the yard now feels very quiet at times, however it has enabled me to have my own life and enjoy my own horses more. Sadly we will no longer be offering full livery, but do still do DIY, and we have a really lovely group on the yard at the moment.


Datum is going well at home and is due to do his first test soon. We have decided to aim for starting a few levels up as he needs things to keep his brain on, a prelim will see him make up his own moves and that will only end one way lol!

Dino has now done a few PSG tests and we have qualified for both the Area Festivals and Dressage at Hickstead at small tour. We had aimed for AF’s but the Hickstead qualifier was a nice surprise. I have decided not to attend Hickstead this year as we are so very new to this level and yet to ride a clear round, it would be a very long way to go for a training experience. I am aiming to put a PSG music together with Kim, with the small tour champs at the end of this year in mind. Until then we are very much enjoying the challenge of riding at this level.

Until next time…..Evelyn x