A New Beginning – Not a Good One :(

Everyone at Knights End had a fantastic Christmas and New Year, and we hope you all did too?

Unfortunately the festive cheer didn’t last and we had to make the hard decision to put Boo, our lovely six year old mare, out of her suffering. I had purchased Boo as a two year old and she was just super. Sadly at three we discovered she had an underlying condition that we did our best to manage, as it was a permanent condition. In the following three years I did manage to keep her sound for long periods, even managing to back her and enjoy some low level ridden work for a while, before she told me she couldn’t cope. The last time I mentioned her we had put her in foal to Debonair but sadly she didn’t take. I’m a huge believer that things happen, or don’t, for a reason and in this case she would not have made it until full term. The decision was very hard (the first we have lost) but we had to put her first :’(

Understandably I didn’t feel much like competing for a while and so it took me until the middle of Feb before I went back out with Dino. As our bad luck would have it I was very ill, so my stay away show at Keysoe was not the lead up to the Regionals I was hoping for….throwing up in ones lorry is not a fun experience! We still came away with a win and a second but I felt very under prepared for the Regionals a week later.

Well I shouldn’t of worried as my bad luck continued and the whole Little family came down with terrible flu, so I gave in and withdrew from the Winter Regionals, not that Dino minded I’m sure.



Knowing I had one class to contest at the Winter Champs was keeping me sane, in what seemed like the start of a terrible year. An email from British Dressage made it all seem worth it when they informed me that Dino had in fact qualified for the Medium Open AF at the Winter Champs as well, so we had two classes to compete in…whoop, whoop!

We are not far off the Winter Champs now so I’m sure my next blog will be all about our fun there. Our changes are still hit and miss so it could be exciting, we don’t expect to win in such a class field, but we will have lots of fun regardless :)

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